5 Reasons You’ll Love Clever Daycare Glamorgan

5 Reasons You’ll Love Clever Daycare Glamorgan

Sadaf Roshan

Sadaf Roshan

This is where it all started: Glamorgan is Clever Daycare’s first and oldest Centre, located in SW Calgary. Founded in 2013 with the aim of raising child care standards, we have managed to grow from a tiny studio to an entire building exclusively built for us. Here are five reasons you’ll love our Glamorgan Centre.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Clever Daycare- Glamorgan

1. The Drop-off Routine

You’d already notice the difference when you first set foot in Clever Daycare Glamorgan. Upon entrance, your face is scanned for a touchless temperature check, and your child’s temperature is taken too. Go ahead and sign in your child by scanning the QR code posted on the wall in less than 30 seconds. No more pen and paper- easier and more sanitary! Your child is then accompanied to the premises accompanied by a staff member- this door opens only with an access card, guaranteeing a 100% safe environment.

2. Exclusive Rooftop Area

Playing in fresh air is necessary for children’s physical, cognitive and social development. They gain mastery of their bodies, learn how to solve challenges and collaborate with other kids. Our Rooftop area makes this accessible without any stranger danger. The floor coverings also prevent injuries in the case of accidental slips and are built to melt the snow faster, not to mention how much kids love drawing on them!


3. The Gym

Despite having a fantastic rooftop area, some days are just too smoky or cold for us to get out there-that’s when our indoor gym comes in handy. This ensures that children get their daily dose of physical activity consistently, regardless of external circumstances.


4. No Papers

Daily sign-in forms and signatures. Registration forms. Waiting lists. Daily observations. Weekly lesson plans. There’s just so much to track in a daycare, and we do all of it without using a single sheet of paper. We are proud to have been Calgary’s first paperless daycare, setting an example for others to follow. Not only does being paperless contribute to the well-being of Mother Earth, it also clears up space- no more paper boxes stored at the corner of the playground means more space for children to run around and play in.

 5. Natural Light

Did you know that Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city? We are lucky to enjoy 333 days of sunshine every year, and why not take advantage of that? Sunlight is essential for children’s well-being and growth. Sunlight exposure regulates children’s sleep, boosts their mood, and encourages active participation. Our large windows mean children enjoy the sunlight pouring in at all times.


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