What Is The Cost For Childcare In Calgary?

Trying to find the Calgary daycare center can be challenging. But trying to find one that’s affordable adds can make things even more difficult. It’s important to understand how much Calgary childcare actually costs so that you can pay a reasonable rate. Here’s what you need to know.
Expect High Costs
Unfortunately, the cost of childcare in Calgary is among the highest in Canada. It is still lower than the two other major cities, Toronto and Vancouver. Many parents are having trouble affording these costs. As such, they are having to only get their children to attend a few days a week rather than for the whole five days of the workweek.
The Average Rate in Calgary Is…
It has been found that the cost of childcare in Calgary averages around $1,150 a month. That’s fairly expensive compared to other cities in Canada. As a result, many parents that have more than one child are finding it very difficult to pay for their Calgary daycare costs. They often have to make some kind of compromise to ensure that their children get some form of preschool education.
Is It Possible to Get a Lower Rate?
It can be challenging trying to find child care centers that charge lower rates, especially when you have to deal with barriers like waitlists. However, it is possible to find child care centers that charge slightly lower rates. The search won’t be easy, but it will be well worth the effort.
It’s also a smart idea to apply for child care subsidies on the Government of Alberta website. These subsidies are given to lower and middle-income families. When applying, you want to go through the eligibility requirements and get an idea of how much of the costs can be subsidized. Make sure to apply for these subsidy programs as early as possible.
Quality of Child Care Matters Too
When choosing a daycare center, you want to factor in the quality of the center as well. How much is quality education worth to you and your family? It may be worth paying the extra money to give your child a better education. At the same time, you may have to compromise by going to a daycare center that doesn’t offer the best education.
In conclusion, child care costs have risen over the years in Calgary. It is quite expensive, so you will want to apply for subsidies if your income range qualifies.
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