6 Most Fun St. Patrick's Day Children Activities

6 Most Fun St. Patrick’s Day Children Activities

Sadaf Roshan

Sadaf Roshan

Do you also feel that cabin fever is on the way for the holidays? It has to be St. Patrick’s Day, which is just around the corner! Although St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally considered to be an adult holiday, it can be just as enjoyable for children. That is, if you find the right St. Patrick’s Day children activities!

To keep your own tiny elves at bay, we’ve been gathering clever St. Paddy’s ideas from around the web. Here are a few ideas to make the 17th of March a little luckier for you and your small ones! You may also use these activities to teach your children about this internationally recognized Irish tradition.

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1. Host an Irish Movie Night with Green Snacks

Enjoy some green snacks while spending quality time with your loved one. Before indulging in some Irish cultural traditions, prepare some tasty and St. Patrick’s Day-themed meals. Then, make a big comfortable circle with cushions and pillows to enjoy your family movie night even more!

Some delicious green food choices you can prepare with your little ones are:

  1. Guacamole and chips, green J-ELLO
  2. Green milkshakes
  3. Fresh fruits and vegetables salad (celery, avocados, cucumbers, kiwi, melons, and grapes, to name a few)
  4. Fresh lettuce wraps
  5. Spinach pesto over pasta

Irish Movies for St. Patrick’s Day Children Activities

The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and the classic Disney film Luck of the Irish are some Irish-themed, family-friendly movies we recommend.

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2. Learn about Golden Coins & St. Patrick’s Day Facts

Purchase a bag of the iconic gold coins that we’ve all adored since we were children. Hide the coins about the home while the kids are busy doing a St. Patrick’s Day craft. Then, challenge your children to go on a treasure hunt throughout the house.

They can have their new golden treats once they’ve found all of the coins. Want to spice things up a little? Make a rule: If they learn one of these entertaining St. Patrick’s Day facts, they can eat one coin.

Fun facts for St. Patrick’s day children activities

  • Saint Patrick was actually born in Britain.
  • He used pagan symbols and combined them with Christian symbols to convert the Irish people easier.
  • There’s a story about St. Patrick and how he banished all snakes from Ireland (which is probably just a story!)
  • He was the first person who made Shamrock famous as an Irish symbol.
  • Before green, St. Patrick was first associated with the colour blue!

3. Do St. Patrick’s Day Colouring Sheets

while we’re on the topic of St. Patrick’s day children activities, let’s not forget about the traditional fun ones. Colouring is one of the most basic yet popular activities for kids. Not only is it loved by kids, but colouring also has many benefits for them!

Yes, this easy and enjoyable activity has numerous advantages. Colouring is a great method for kids to express themselves, improve their motor skills, relax, and spend valuable time with their families. This age-old favourite is one of the best ways to fill this family holiday with the basic joys of childhood in today’s hectic world.

Any Clever Curriculum Includes Colouring Activities

And so does ours! Learn more about Clever Daycare's curriculum and classes here.

4. Do Leprechauns Story Time

Did you know that a leprechaun is a type of faerie in Irish folklore? The Tuatha De Danann includes leprechauns. In Irish mythology, the Tuatha De Danann is a race of humans. Green clothing, brown boots, and a top hat are thought to be worn by Leprechauns.

According to mythology, the Leprechaun is supposed to give a hidden treasure away to anyone who captures him. Nonetheless, they deceive those who disappear into the jungle, taking the money with them. Moreover, the origins of leprechauns are just as fascinating as their antics.

Legends about water-spirits began to circulate among the Celts in the eighth century. These little beings are said to have first appeared then. Some fantastic short stories about Leprechauns you could put on your St. Patrick’s day children activities list are:

  1. The story of the Leprechaun
  2. Jig-worn Shoes
  3. The Night before St. Patrick’s Day 
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5. Attend St. Patrick Festivals

Check your city’s website or local community calendar for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day parades. Wear green—green wigs, green clothes, green shoes, green everything—and decorate your children’s faces with shamrocks and rainbows.

In many cities of the country, including Calgary, mid-March can be pretty cold. So, dress warmly and bring blankets to sit on. It’s also a good idea to get a thermos of hot cocoa (consider flavouring it with a minty syrup).

6. Make Leprechaun Traps

Did you know that Irish folk used to actually try and catch these little fairies? You’re probably not the only ones who were unaware of this Irish folklore-based tradition. But now that you know, use it as a source of inspiration for St. Patrick’s day children activities.

How, you ask?

If your kids can catch those cunning leprechauns (who are undoubtedly out and about on this day of all days! ), they are said to grant you three wishes or guide you to their gold. Because they are among the most cunning creatures on the planet, they will frequently elude even the most sophisticated traps…but may leave a trail of gold (or chocolate coins!) in their wake.

Clever tip: If you think that’s too many sweets for one day, you can replace chocolate coins with any other treat. We recommend Yogies, Zollipops, and Melty Veggies!

Craft a Trap: You can find some find easy-to-make DIY leprechaun traps here.

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Final Word

St. Patrick’s day is the perfect opportunity for you and your little ones to have fun with simple activities. At Clever, children celebrate this day with art, crafts, and cookies (visual evidence here!)

Clever takes pride in delivering high-quality, safe daycare services that cater to the demands of busy parents across the country. We want to support your child’s development at every stage in a safe and stimulating environment. Book a tour of our daycare to see it all for yourself!

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