Overnight Care

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Overnight Care Waiting List

Looking for Clever Care at night?

We’ve got you! You can use the form or give us a call to book a spot.

We’re currently offering it at Clever Daycare University District.

Keep in touch for when it comes to the other centres, read more about it below, or book your spot right now!

Overnight Care

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What are the days & Hours?

7 days a week, 7 PM to 6 AM. (That means a total of 22 care hours each day!)

Overnight Care Features

Day or night, everything will be Clever Daycare quality! Here are some features that set us aside at any hour.

Affordability Grant + Subsidy

Your overnight care hours count for Alberta’s affordability grant and childcare subsidy.

Marvelous Meals

Our partner, Top Meal, is one of Calgary’s top daycare food providers. They’ll be providing great dinners and breakfast for overnight care!  

Safety & Security

We take security very seriously, as we always should. So, we have finger jam preventers, cameras, keycard locks, and more!

Convenient Locations

You can easily move back and forth to the University District to get overnight care, even if another centre is closer to you in daytime. We’re working on making it available in every centre.

Pro Caretakers

Our staff and educators have consistently been praised by parents. Overnight Care might be relatively new in Calgary, but it’s nothing we can’t handle!