Clever Daycare Daily Nutrition

We are a daycare committed to the total well-being of your child. A balanced, whole foods diet is extremely important for your child’s development and for their overall wellness. Just as we work with kids to help create positive habits when interacting with others and learning we will help them create healthy habits around food. As part of our daily nutrition plans, we offer breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Our breakfast and snack options always include two food groups and our lunch meals include all four. We also try to include foods and flavors from different cultures.

Sample Menu For A Day


Blueberry muffin & banana with milk to drink


Chicken and rice with corn and peas with a healthy soup

Afternoon snack

Cucumber and carrots with dip, cheese and crackers, and milk or water to drink

Play, Learn & Grow with Clever Daycare Services SW Calgary

At Clever Daycare, our early childhood education team is a group of dedicated professionals who are passionately committed to providing high-quality childcare. We provide an educational environment that is safe yet stimulating, and a play-based curriculum that challenges each child through creativity, self-choice and learning through play. We have expanded our services to include evening and weekend daycare. We also host a number of events and activities through which families can come together to have fun and learn.

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100% Secured

Programmed keycards to access the building. Doors are always locked and secure.

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Finger Jam Preventers

Door guards that protect kids from jamming their fingers in between the doors.

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Flexible Hours

We are open 6:15 AM – 6:00 PM with weekend and evening care available by appointment.

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Heated Sidewalks

We have a system that melts the snow and ice in front of our doors for safe entry and exit.

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Children Hand Railings

All of our stairs have child-sized hand railings for safe and easy travels within the building.

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Full Kitchen + Chef

Have your child enjoy freshly prepared meals that are nutritious and delicious.

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Soundproof Rooms

All of our walls and windows are soundproof so your infants can enjoy a perfect nap.

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Shuttle Transportation

We offer pickup and drop off transportation to some of the nearby schools.