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Our Facility’s Fun & Functional Features and Amenities

Everything in our facility was designed and built with children in mind. We wanted to make sure that the features facilitated the best and most educational environment possible for the children in our care. Whether it be the playing and learning areas, the staircase or the parking lot — we want you to know your children are safe and secure.


We are one of the few daycare centres who offer this extensive and expensive program. The program is unique in that it caters to different learning styles and age groups with a variety of lesson plans. All of our teachers are trained in this program. For more information, check out the Frog Street website here.

We provide screening for children who need speech therapy. If you find your child needs speech therapy, an educator from Alberta Education will come on site to work with your child individually. There are no additional charges for this service!

We also provide screening for occupational therapy. This is for children who are behind in their learning or who might need assistance with developing their cross motor skills. If your child requires occupational therapy, an educator from Alberta Education will come in at no additional charge!

Our preschool and kindergarten age children get to go on field trips for more experiential learning. These trips can include the Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark and more!

We have a very secure and private rooftop play area, where your children can play without any ‘stranger danger’. The play area was designed for year-round play. It is separated into 3 different areas, so different age groups can utilize the space simultaneously. We have bikes, outdoor houses and toys. The ground is heated, to melt ice over the winter, soft to prevent injuries, and non-slip!

Our gym area, complete with surround-sound speakers, is a great place for kids to run around, exercise and play games. There is also a large projector, which we use for movie nights and it is a great place for preschoolers and kinder kids to nap without the distraction of toys. There is also a piano for music classes and mirrors which are used during dance and martial arts Clever Classes.

Our rooms are designed to help your child get accustomed to a classroom setting. Our rooms are bright and colourful to create a vibrant and positive environment. All of our classrooms have their own child-sized washrooms and sinks – which, are great for potty-training. We also have child-sized tables and chairs and different play centres (ex. Sandbox, housekeeping, block centre, library, toy cars and trucks). Each child has their own cubby to store their belongings between pickup and dropoff.

We offer our regular hours daycare services Monday through Friday between 6:15 am and 6:00 pm but we also provide weekend and evening care. Our evening care hours are Monday to Friday 5:00 pm to 11:59 pm and our weekend hours are Saturday and Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm.


We currently offer pickup and dropoff school transportation to some of the schools nearby. (Jeannie Elliot, Glamorgan, Glamorgan Community and Holy Name School)

Our chef prepares meals every day for all of our kids. We follow the Canada Food Group guidelines to ensure the meals we provide hit the 4 major food groups. We provide breakfast, lunch and a snack. Our menu is always changing to and is always fresh, never processed or any type of fast food.

We wash blankets and sheets weekly in our on-site laundry facility to ensure they are fresh, clean and ready to go for the next week. We also provide sippy cups which are sanitized with our high temperature commercial dishwasher daily. All of our dishes get washed using the dishwasher as well to ensure they are fully sanitized and ready to go for the next day.

You never have to worry about finding parking as we have our own private parking lot with spots that are all very close to our front door. This makes drop off and pick up a lot easier.

We have a system that melts all of our snow in front of our building so we never have to worry about our kids or parents slipping when coming to our building.

The front entrance is locked at all times so we are always aware and control who is coming in and out of the building. Our members have their own access cards to enter the building. There are also security cameras installed in all rooms and hallways.

On all of our doors we have guards that protect the kids from jamming their fingers or getting them caught between the doors.

All stairs have a child-sized hand railing to help them walk up and down the stairs. This makes the staircase a little safer and easier for them to use, especially in the case of an emergency.

When you are in certain sections of the building, you won’t get disrupted by noise from a different section. This is great because younger children have longer naps and we don’t have to worry about them getting disrupted with noise from other classrooms.

Our building uses a premium air filtration system to ensure that our building is providing the best quality of air possible. We also have AC for the hot summer days.

We have a parking area for strollers and car seats. This makes it easier for parents who share pick up and drop offs and they don’t have to purchase extra car seats or bring their stroller elsewhere.

We use iPads for parents to check their child in and out of the building so we always know which kids have gone home for the day and who picked them up. It is great for emergencies such as fire, where we can refer to the attendance sheet to ensure all children are safe.

Play, Learn & Grow with Clever Daycare Services SW Calgary

At Clever Daycare, our early childhood education team is a group of dedicated professionals who are passionately committed to providing high-quality childcare. We provide an educational environment that is safe yet stimulating, and a play-based curriculum that challenges each child through creativity, self-choice and learning through play. We have expanded our services to include evening and weekend daycare. We also host a number of events and activities through which families can come together to have fun and learn.

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100% Secured

Programmed keycards to access the building. Doors are always locked and secure.

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Finger Jam Preventers

Door guards that protect kids from jamming their fingers in between the doors.

calgary daycare

Flexible Hours

We are open 6:15 AM – 6:00 PM with weekend and evening care available by appointment.

calgary daycare

Heated Sidewalks

We have a system that melts the snow and ice in front of our doors for safe entry and exit.

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Children Hand Railings

All of our stairs have child-sized hand railings for safe and easy travels within the building.

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Full Kitchen + Chef

Have your child enjoy freshly prepared meals that are nutritious and delicious.

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Soundproof Rooms

All of our walls and windows are soundproof so your infants can enjoy a perfect nap.

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Shuttle Transportation

We offer pickup and drop off transportation to some of the nearby schools.