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How To Prepare Your Child For Evening Daycare

Dropping your child off for their first time at evening daycare is often a difficult time for parents and children. Here are some ways to make the transition easier and prepare your child for evening child care.

Visit the Child Care Centre with Your Child

Take your child to see the Calgary daycare and meet the people who will be taking care of them. Introducing them to the environment beforehand helps remove some of the strangeness of a new place.

Take a Comfort Object to Calgary Daycare

If the child care centre allows it, let your child take a comfort object to daycare. A favourite stuffed animal, blanket, or a picture of the family can help children through moments of loneliness. This can be particularly helpful in the evening when children get tired.

Talk to Your Child About After School Care Calgary

Remind your child about the coming change. Talk about friends who attend after school care Calgary, teachers’ names, and daycare activities.

Tell Your Child When You’ll Pick Them Up

If possible, let your child know ahead of time when you’ll be there to pick them up from Calgary daycare, then be on time. Knowing when they’ll get to see you again helps give children a feeling of security.

Keep the Mood Positive

Even if you feel upset about the separation, keep your emotions in check in front of your child. If you cry or seem upset, your child is likely to cry too, but if you are confident that everything is fine they will pick up on that. It’s not unusual for children to cry when dropped off, but they usually settle in quickly once the parent leaves.

After school care Calgary provides a great environment for children to learn and grow. Help your child prepare for evening daycare with these tips.

At Clever Daycare our welcoming environment helps children easily adjust to the transition to home life to daycare.


Provide your child with the best start to their education and help them develop the emotional and social skills that will benefit them for life.

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