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How to Get Your Child Excited for Daycare in Calgary

Transitioning to daycare is a big change for both children and parents. If your child is going to start attending a program soon, there are some things you can do to make the transition smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. Check out these ways to get your child excited for daycare in Calgary.


Use Pretend Play to Explore Daycare SW Calgary

Children explore the world through play, so make use of this powerful tool. Take turns acting as the child, parent, and teacher, and do some common Calgary daycare activities together. These can include anything from singing songs to playing outside, reading stories, learning new things, and taking naps. You may even want to practice saying goodbye. Answer any questions and reassure your child that daycare in SW Calgary is a safe place to learn and play.

Read Books about Calgary Daycare

Stories are another great resource. Borrow a few books from the library about daycare, and spend time reading them together. Talk about the plot and what the characters might be thinking or feeling throughout the story.

Make a Game of Self-Help Skills for Calgary Childcare

There are many skills that a child uses at a daycare in Calgary, like putting on a backpack, hanging up a coat, fastening their shoes, and unwrapping a sandwich. Try doing these activities together in a fun way. For example, you might time your child to see how quickly he or she can put on their shoes and pack a lunch box, then have a picnic together.

Play at Daycare in Calgary

Find out when you can visit the Calgary childcare centre together before your child starts attending. Take time to tour the centre and play on the playground together, so the space isn’t so new on the first day.

Calgary childcare is a great place for your child to learn and grow; use these tips to help your child get excited about the new experience.

You want evening daycare you can depend on and a place that your child enjoys going to. Clever Daycare can be the place for your child.
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