The Educational & Fun Regular Hours Daycare In SW Calgary

Our regular hours daycare services are available Monday – Friday 6:15 am – 6:00 pm.

Our programs are designed with the safety, security, fun and education of your child in mind. We know every child is different and we pride ourselves in understanding each child’s unique needs and meeting them where they are at. Deciding where your child will spend their time while you’re at work is a tough decision, that’s why with all of our services it is our number one priority to make sure you are confident in our services and assured that your child’s needs are met. 

Clever Daycare: How Our Regular Hours Daycare in Calgary Works For Your Children

At Clever Daycare we base our regular hours daycare we base our teachings on the fact that every child individually learns in different ways. We aim to fulfil our goal of helping your child grow and learn and enjoy their time in. Our children deserve the best possible start in life to help them develop to their full potential.


Regular Hours Daycare Programs:

  • Daycare Program – Using the Emergent Curriculum we explore a fresh approach to find a good fit for each child. The curriculum is a flexible and dynamic program that begins with discovering each child’s interests. It invites children to discover more, dig deeper and construct further knowledge. 
  • Weekly Program – We offer a well-structured program plan that can support building children’s abilities in many areas. We provide lessons such as gym, yoga, music & dance, project arts & crafts, sign language and French.
  • Academic Program – At Clever Daycare, we use the Frog Street academic curriculum. This is a comprehensive curriculum that pays attention to each child’s academic and social-emotional development. We offer both Frog Street Infant and Frog Street Pre-K programs.
We understand that circumstances change, which is why we offer drop-in childcare services, as well as evening and weekend daycare when you need it. 

Our Regular Daycare In SW Calgary Will Enhance Your Child's Education

Our Clever Daycare regular hours day care services include weekly recreational and academic programs. Through our years of experience, we know that each child learns in a unique way, at their own pace and benefits from different approaches. Our goal is to develop a positive self-concept in each child so they feel enabled to fulfil their goals, accomplish tasks on their own and cooperate with other children. Your child deserves the best possible start in life to develop to their full potential.

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100% Secured

Programmed keycards to access the building. Doors are always locked and secure.

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Finger Jam Preventers

Door guards that protect kids from jamming their fingers in between the doors.

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Flexible Hours

We are open 6:15 AM – 6:00 PM with weekend and evening care available by appointment.

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Heated Sidewalks

We have a system that melts the snow in front of our doors for safe entry and exit..

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Children Hand Railings

All of our stairs have child-sized hand railings for safe and easy travels within the building.

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Full Kitchen + Chef

Have your child enjoy freshly prepared meals that are nutritious and delicious.

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Soundproof Rooms

All of our walls and windows are soundproof so your infants can enjoy a perfect nap.

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Shuttle Transportation

We offer pickup and drop off transportation to some of the nearby schools.