Choosing the Best Daycare in University District

Sadaf Roshan

Sadaf Roshan

Finding the Right Daycare in University District

Here’s a piece of advice from Clever daycare in University District: approach your childcare search in the same way you would a job search. Be thorough, do your study, and begin your search early — six months ahead of time isn’t too early in Calgary, especially if you’re looking for the best daycare in University District. Here, spots fill up quicker than train carriages during rush hour!

Once you’ve found your favourite childcare in University District, you’ll want to be sure it’s one you want to continue with. We’ve laid down the steps for you below: 5 factors for choosing the best daycare in UD, Calgary.

Check for Specific Rules in Place

A decent daycare centre is often flexible in its policies, but still follows some basic guidelines. The daycare should keep physical copies of their policies, pick-up/drop-off times, operational hours, and other information on hand in case of an emergency. They must also take your child’s safety seriously. Having such procedures in writing allows you to hold your daycare accountable. 

That said, we’re the first daycare in Calgary to go paperless. Clever Daycare University District is no different; instead, our staff keep tabs on everything on their tablets and other smart devices at the centre. Even children use the daycare’s keyless entry system! Should you want a physical copy of anything, just ask.

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

Keep an eye out for any red flags during your observation. This could be a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right or tangible evidence that the kids aren’t being adequately cared for. Look for any groups of children that seem to be bored and uninterested. Or workers who yell at youngsters or spend the majority of their time talking to them, not with them.

Other red flags include a lack of regular guidance, a refusal to let parents visit during the day, unresponsive teachers who dismiss children’s demands, and a lack of stable structure for the day.

Ask Comprehensive Questions

Make an appointment with the centre’s director to learn more about the their educational and discipline philosophy, as well as its emergency plans. Chat with the instructors and staff in the classroom to learn about day-to-day routines, how behavioural problems are handled, and their cognitive and social priorities for children.

Also, inquire about the sick-child policy and how such situations are handled. Any childcare in UD should welcome parents in the centre, and healthy dialogue should be encouraged. This will strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

Prioritize Stimulating Environment 

You can be sure that the best daycare in University District provides a stimulating environment for children. This stimulation is vital for daycares in Calgary because the child will probably be spending a significant portion of their day there. Parents will also be relying on professionals in these centres to keep their little ones safe and happy. 

A stimulating atmosphere focuses on learning-based activities that will help develop the child’s learning ability and imagination. A healthy schedule has set times for meals and rest. Parents prefer childcare centres that include a selection of age-appropriate toys as well as activities that allow children to learn while having fun.

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